Eternal September

First day at school 1984

… or in the case of Oxford University, Eternal October!

I found out about this idea from Bobbi Newman’s recent post.  She describes Eternal September as “the idea that every fall new freshmen show up and you need to teach them the ropes, rules, guidelines, etiquette all over again”.  I would like to expand this idea to the context of staff development: we need to provide for new staff throughout the year, as people join and change roles in an organisation.

I think OULS already do a good job on this!  I am starting to think about what we can do for those who are ready to be stretched further.

The photo is of me on my first day at school, aged 6. The excitement is obvious!  I’m going to keep that flame burning well beyond library school, which brings me to another interesting post, this time from Michael Stephens.  He has just finished teaching a module called Library 2.0 and Social Networking Technologies (fantastic!) and I particularly liked his comment: never stop learningthe master’s degree is just that, not an end point for librarians’ learning.


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