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Find books for your course in the Staff Library

January 4, 2010

Image showing all staff library tags in SOLO This image shows all the Staff Library tags that are currently being used in SOLO. Tags with a date, e.g. stfnew-nov09 show new books added to the library in that month. Tags with stfsuggestion show suggested reading for different Staff Development courses. The larger the tag, the more items it represents.

When you book on an OULS Staff Development course, you are asked to quote the course code to help those who process your booking.

Course codes look like this: OULS/INF/VOI

‘OULS’ relates to OULS Staff Development on the system we use for making bookings. ‘INF’ refers to the group of course relating to information, and ‘VOI’ to a specific course (in this case, voice coaching).

It can be helpful to prepare for a course, or follow up afterwards, by finding a relevant book in the Staff Library to study.

To make this easier, I have added some tags in SOLO to give you some suggested titles for each course series:

stfsuggestion-ouls-bit Bite-size management (includes contracts, recruitment, navigating change)

stfsuggestion-ouls-com Communications

stfsuggestion-ouls-cpd Continuing professional development

stfsuggestion-ouls-hsa Health and Safety

stfsuggestion-ouls-inf Information (includes people with disabilities, mental health, harassment)

stfsuggestion-ouls-man Management (includes leading change, performance management, supervisory skills)

To find these titles, start from SOLO, click on Tags and search for the tag you’re interested in. You will then see the list of suggested titles.