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Memes on Twitter: #librariantvshows

December 21, 2009

A meme is a cultural idea or practice which is passed on between individuals, and is becoming an key part of internet culture.  For example, when a YouTube video “goes viral”, we mean that it has spread rapidly between users, often via social networks.

This is also happening on Twitter.  As well as topics that are trending, there are many sub-trending-threshold ideas which also gain momentum and entertain or provoke thought for a limited time.  When Nick Griffin appeared on the BBC’s Question Time programme earlier this autumn, #bbcqt was a lively Twitter meme for some hours before appearing under trending topics.

Last week, #librariantvshows brightened my Friday and though it didn’t trend, it entertained many people as a bit of pre-Christmas fun.  The object was to think of a TV show (this later blended to include books and films) whose title could be adapted to make it into a TV show involving libraries or librarians.

Here are some of my favourites:

walkyouhome: Queer as Folksonomies

nikkikaram: Loan & Order

archiwicz: Star Trek: The Next Circulation

polianarchy: The ALA Team

Mitchley:  D.O.I. SOS

daveyp: Talis from the Crypt

ifbook:  Blind Data

EmmaP: shelf location, location, location

bethanar: How I Metadata’d Your Mother

orangeaurochs: Indexer Morse

ifbook: Whose Fine Is It Anyway?

libsmatter: M*A*S*H*U*P*

meimaimaggio: SFX and the City

Mitchley: The SF-X Files

chrisl1953: The Ex Libris Factor

julianbeckton: EBSCO to the country

abbybarker:  Have I got (Over)dues For You

meimaimaggio: Bookside

Mitchley: Da UKS-G Show

CriticalSteph: Bookenders

Viche: A fines romance

daveyp: Beverley Hills 902.10

Emma7114: Pimp my RFID

stuartbenjamin: Top of the OPACs

bethanar: the weeding planners

Emma7114: Open (access) All Hours

walkyouhome: Play Your Discards Right

bethanar: Blind Date Stamp