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Attitudes to management

July 3, 2009

Jenica Rogers-Urbanek posted the following item on her blog yesterday, and it rang true for me so I’m reproducing it in full below.  While I haven’t heard all of the comments she has, I’m certainly aware of the attitude that being appointed to a management post is seen as becoming less of a librarian/teacher/other professional.  But I felt better after reading her thoughts about why good managers are important in an organisation.  And, yeah, I also really like Excel!

Here’s an extract from her post:

An attitude problem

“All that politicking and making nice with people sounds horrible.”
“I didn’t become a librarian to spend all day working on spreadsheets.”
“Oh, I never want to be management.”
“I could never do your job.”
“I never want a job like yours.”
“Don’t forget where you came from.”
“Are you sure you want that job?”
“Do you even like the work you do?”

We have an attitude problem as a profession.  Read those comments I typed above.  I’ve heard each and every one of them in the past six weeks.  I’ll also grant that I’ve gotten a lot of congratulations — lots of “you rock!” and “I’m so happy for you” and “congratulations, I know you’ve worked hard for this” — but almost all of them were from people who care about me personally or have worked with me on an individual level.  The above have almost all come from people in our profession who look at “management” and wrinkle their noses.

So let me offer my answers.

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