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Who is responsible for my CPD?

June 14, 2009

Thanks to Em (Digitalist) for her post about who is responsible for my CPD? [continuing professional development].

Here’s an extract:

It would be easy to say that the responsibility lies with staff development and leave it at that but I think it’s more complicated than this. For me there are at least two elements to continuing professional development.

The first is firmly in my own hands: it’s about engaging with the wider community, sharing and learning from each other’s experience. I do this by reading library blogs, following librarians on Twitter and keeping up to date with what seems to be an endless stream of literature on developments in education and the future of libraries.

The second relies much more on the efforts of the staff development team at my institution. They have a role to play in making my CPD possible by organising training in-house and providing funding for me to attend external events.

So ultimately I think the responsibility to engage and participate is my own and that my employer simply has a responsibility to act as a facilitator.

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